Where in the world?

Where In The World

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If you haven’t checked out the School’s online bookstore lately, you may be surprised by the plethora of items available for purchase through the SVS Press: books, audio books, eBooks, in-house publications, CDs, DVDs, just to name a few.

The School Planning Kit is the bookstore’s big ticket item and one of its bestsellers. It includes over $900 worth of items. They're packed into an attractively designed “carrying case,” complete with a plastic handle, and featuring student artwork.


Since its introduction in the early 1990's, the Kit has been a popular item. Almost 300 kits have been purchased by people interested in starting a school similar to SVS, and by people interested in studying the educational model.

Last April-June the Kit was offered for only $400 as a “Current Special.” Fifteen Kits were sold during the sale, bringing the total sold since January 2012 to 28.


Where in the World have School Planning Kits been shipped? China, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Japan, Germany, Bahrain, Finland, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, Australia, Spain, Brazil, Denmark, Greece, Turkey, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Israel, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Czech Republic, Puerto Rico and 36 of the 50 states in the U.S.

Between January 2012 and August 2013, we received orders from Russia, Iceland, Switzerland, the Republic of Moldava, South Africa, Estonia, and the Republic of Korea. Now that’s spreading the word!

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