Frogs and calculators

This post was written by our Office Manager, Jean Cote.

Recently, I had the opportunity (privilege) to introduce a calculator in all its glory to a young, inquisitive student for (I don’t know it to be fact, but it seemed to be) her first time. After giving her a brief explanation and demonstration of my desktop tool, she then had to know what each symbol meant and what it was used for, and then she was off to explore its magic on her own. This is how it all came about.


Hole on the front of jeans desk showing pieces of paper that have been shoved inside    


I know, I don’t get the attraction either but there it is–an irresistible plaything with moveable parts and a peek-a-boo view through my desk–for the young and the not-so-young.




I know, trash can waiting to happen, right? And when it inevitably did . . .




. . . a sympathetic Isabel made this to prevent unwanted things from accumulating under my desk. (Thank you, Isabel.) It holds its multi-purpose real estate, beautifully, on my desk, as has . . .




        . . . inherited office desk fixture, Pepé Le Pew (who really has nothing to do with this writing, but who is worthy of mention), and




      . . . this pitcher — also a beautifully functional, treasured piece made by Emma when she was four or five and presented to me early in my Office Manager years at the school




      –which later came to serve as a perch for this little frog . . .




. . . who reminds me to show off another popular, prized possession.





But, this student wanted the real thing:





I love my job.



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