Anything you can do, I can do too!

Walking into our art room is usually fascinating. It seems that most young people love to do art in all sort of ways. They make things out of clay. They draw and paint and make amazing collages. And, they do many other things, like building rooms out of paper and scotch tape. I always enjoy going in there and seeing what is going on.

The other day, when I walked in, I saw something a little different: two seven year old girls sweeping and mopping the floor:

Oh, it was so much fun to spread the water around and splash it all over the place! I remembered the story of Tom Sawyer whose aunt forced him to paint the fence as a punishment. Tom made it look like so much fun that the neighborhood kids begged him to let them paint too, which he did after they gave him money. Here at SVS, the weekly mopping of the art room floor seemed like such a fun activity – one which these participants obviously enjoyed doing immensely.

By the way, when they left the art room it was wet and slippery and one of the staff had to mop it dry. But it was worth it!

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