New kids on the blog(osphere)

Welcome, readers, to the first post of the official Sudbury Valley School blog.

Until now, we’ve relied on the usual channels to spread the word about everything from the Sudbury model of education to school news and events. But earlier this year, we made the decision to start engaging more actively in social media. We’re up on Twitter (@SVS_school). We have a new (official) Facebook page. And now, we’ve got a blog. (And not just because all the cool kids are doing it!)

As we all know, the current state of education in the United States is abysmal and going downhill fast. The headlines are full of stories about kids who are overscheduled, overworked, stressed and depressed.

Now more than ever, we feel the need to put our message out there in hopes that it serves as a rallying call to those who want to bring about change --  and a lifeline for those who need one. Our message is simple: School can be a place of joy, freedom, and passion for learning.   For many, this message seems radical, threatening, naïve, or irresponsible.

With over 40 years of success behind us, and over 30 thriving Sudbury Valley model schools across the country and around the world, we think it’s safe to say that our model works. Just look at our graduates!

But we also understand that the Sudbury Valley philosophy takes a certain leap of faith. As a parent, when you take that leap, it can be lonely and frightening, as you listen to well-meaning friends and family voice their concerns. As an educator, it may be a struggle to fund your school, attract students, and resist parental pressure to change “just this one thing.”

Our hope is that this blog will help extend the reach of our message via social media, to continue to serve as an example and role model to all of you who have answered the call and gone on to build Sudbury schools of your own. And, of course, to give prospective students and their families a glimpse into what makes Sudbury Valley School so amazing!

We invite all of you who are reading this today: parents, students, educators, interested observers, pundits, celebrity spokesmodels, and hopefully, change-makers, to share your thoughts, ideas and experiences with this unique educational approach. Feel free to read and comment on our posts and, if you care to, submit blog posts for consideration to

The views expressed on this page are those of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Sudbury Valley School.