Looking back, looking forward

Twenty-thirteen was a big year for Sudbury Valley School. Last Spring, we decided to dip a toe into the social media water and soon took the plunge for real, launching an “official” Facebook page and a blog, as well as a presence on Twitter.

The response has been incredibly positive. We are “liked” by many folks from all over the world who comment and share their thoughts on Facebook. Alumni have reached out to answer questions and share their memories. Parents have contributed to the blog and spread the word about our new ventures.

Establishing a social media presence has opened up new avenues of communication and helped us start conversations with a wide range of people who are interested in “the Sudbury Valley way.” The momentum is building as students parents, and administrators begin to ask, “Why?” Why the Common Core? Why standardized tests? Why hours of homework every night?

We look forward to continuing the conversations in 2014. To meeting many new friends, virtually and “in real life.” To more days, weeks, and months full of life, learning, and joy.

Happy New Year!

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