How The School Operates

School Meeting

"I was a fairly regular attendee at the School Meeting, especially when there was something hot on the docket that I was interested in. I definitely got the feeling that every voice counts, and that there was justice in the school. That is what you’re supposed to feel in a democracy."

"As Chairman of the 
School Meeting, I 
am the Chief Executive Officer 
of the school."






Every student and staff member has an equal vote in managing the School. The weekly School Meeting determines rules of behavior, use of facilities, expenditures, and staff hiring, and delegates specific routines for running the School to various agents.

Judicial Committee

"We have a lot of 
rules, but all the rules are there to 
make sure everyone can exist freely."

All members of the School community participate in Sudbury Valley’s judicial system. The fair administration of justice is key to establishing the students’ confidence in the School.