Starting a Corporation

It’s funny how things happen at SVS. Conversation is always a huge part of how students and staff members spend their time. People of all ages are talking about interests, hobbies, and ideas. It flows without interruption. During one of these conversations, I was talking with a group about hair and make-up. While we were speaking, they were brushing and braiding each other’s hair. I was giving them a few pointers to make it easier for them. I asked, "Would you guys want to learn how to cut and style hair?" They looked at me and said, "YOU cut hair?!" I laughed and said, "I’ve been a hairstylist for eight years." All of them looked at one another, and there was a resounding "YES!" That was it; our group was formed.

We quickly realized we needed materials and needed to fund-raise to get them. Hairstyling equipment isn’t cheap. About once a week we got together and discussed what to bake, checked the school for the supplies, and one of the students would go shopping for the extra things we needed. The next day, we were in the kitchen; cooking and enjoying ourselves! After three fund-raisers we had enough money to start buying the products.

I started talking with the other staff and it become clear we needed to form a corporation. Our group had money and we wanted to spend it! Once again, we got together to discuss the different parts needed in a corporation. Who was going to be a Director? Who was going to be Secretary and Executive Director? What were our by-laws going to be? We spent a good amount of time ironing these issues out.

This whole endeavor took some organizing. I would be lying if I said, "this was all tedious and a waste of time." Also, I’d be lying if I said, "now the real work can begin." We’ve been learning and working during this entire process. We covered many topics, got to know each other better, and had fun. The next step is to fulfill the purpose for which this corporation started; learn how to cut a "one length with layers".

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