Sound music

And now for a brief update of the sonic happenings in The Barn:

We are a Music Corp in transition and working out the acoustics of the hall is now front and center. After the Winter Show, there were a number of posts from parents regarding the volume levels and how to control the students' ferocious appetite for decibels. Many people in the School Meeting felt the same way. So we have been focusing on the sonic issues of the main room in The Barn now in earnest . . . rather than the sonic issues of the students!

The room as a whole is suitable for a Gregorian chant or a Bach cello suite but not for loud drums! The reason for this is that the gloss-painted cavern that is our concert hall has no sound baffling treatments of any kind -- yet.

We have hired an acoustical expert to analyze the room with his gadgets and gizmos. This person is also an expert at designing and fabricating sound baffles (lucky us!). With a diligent crew and a few Skilsaws®, we intend to set to work and make things sound (and sound wonderful) for our upcoming musical -- something which has the rapt attention of a large group of students who have brought it from idea, to script, to casting, to rehearsal. A pretty large bunch of them are now thoroughly enthused and embroiled. It is, in 45 years, the first original musical written and produced at the school, and we are hoping for performance dates in June.

So, we hope you bear with us during the renovations. With a little hard work, we hope to make a concert hall befitting of the amazing talent that resides here at SVS. We are excited to move forward to new heights of acoustical excellence!

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